Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Podcasting Collective

The Divided #109

June 27th, 2021

The Awkward Silences - 20 Years Ago 

The Beatersband - Love I Can Be With You

The Pocket Gods - Telstar Gurl

The Cudas - My Summer Song

Modern Guilt - Hoping For The Hoping 

Surfinbird - I Wanna See You Around

Urban Idols - Late Night Residual

Rayner - Misdeeds

The Hallas Cowboys - Goner

Heatwaves - Bad Things

Trevor and the Joneses - Get It!

The Persian Leaps - Lost Cause

Beebe Gallini - Danny

Bish Bash - Doctor

Hardwicke Circus - No Surrender

Stand Amongst Giants - Broken

Capitaine Monaluise - Mixed Up Generation

Teen Cobra - Girl Of Mine



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All music belongs to the credited artists. 

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