Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Podcasting Collective

SPC Xmas Bash 2021

December 24th, 2021


 SPC Xmas Bash 2021
 Glue Ear - Santa The Cat Burglar
 The Barbarellatones - Twinkle
 Prison City Brigade - Shitty Presents
 Dave Woodard - The Christmas Dick
 BeeBe Gallini/Cindy Lawson - You Aint Getting Nothin
 Ruby Mackie - Christmas Is Here
 Scarlet Aura - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
 The Peppermint Kids - Its A Peppermint Christmas
 Greg Polcari - Its Not Chirstmas Without You
 Max Hawthorne - A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas
 Ruby Moss - Christmas With Freinds
 The Gypsy Moths - Maybe This Christmas
 David Woodard - Around The Power Pop Tree
 The Pocket Gods - Apocalyptic Christmas
 Triggering Trauma - O Christmas Che
 The Aquadolls - Xmas Wrapping
 Beebe Gallini/Cindy Lawson - Thats What Christmas Means To Me
 The Bloody Muffs - Christmas Shopping
 Esther Van Kommer - Christmas Time Is Near
 Eddie Mole - The Snow Is Falling
 Sandra Vanreys - Christmas Time Tonight
 Elliemae - Christmas Makes Me So Sad
 Christa Fartek - Christmas is you
 The Pinx - Merry Christmas Baby
 AL Waiser - Christmas In Liechtenstein
 Beck Black - Jingle Bells
 Storm - We 3 Kings
 Micky John Bull - The Office Christmas Party
 Tommy Keys - Christmas Time With You
 Jynx - High 4 Christmas
 Tanille - Santa Dont Pass Me By
 Molter - Where Is Christmas
 Tommy Keyes - Christmas Eve In Dublin
 Modesty Blaise - I'll Be Home For Christmas
 Rohan Solomon - Its Christmas
 Blitz - I Believe In Christmas
 Jo Smeets - another Lonely Christmas
 Dream Aria - On This Christmas Eve
 Scarlet Aura - Jingle Bell Rock
 Shine - Lets Go All Out This Christmas
 John Nienke - Mad Merry Christmas
 Plum Project - Prepare For Christmas Day
 Preztone - Christmas Time Is Coming Around
 Goombay Dance Band - I Hear The Bells On Christmas Day
 Tall Poppy Syndrome - Come Some Christmas Eve
 Storm - Jingle Bells 
 The New Gospel Sensation - Christmas
 Darrell Kelley - Its Christmas
 Mercury Rising - This Christmas
 Med 2D - A Very Tory Xmas
 Bad Actress - Run Run Rudolph
 Jess Kemp - Leave A Chair Out
 Suzy Dexter - Christmas In Paris
 Dean Fraser - Christmas a Cum
 The Pinx - Father Christmas
 Studeo - I Wish It Where Christmas Tonight
 The Pinx - I'll Be Your Santa Baby
 ED Brayshaw & Wily Bo Walker - Xmas 64
 OMG!ITC - Xmas Aint Cancelled
 The Kut - Waiting For Christmas
 Raja Nee - I Wanna Be Yours For Christmas
 Ken Lintern - The Best Christmas Present Ever
 Wim Pols - Truckers Christmas Eve
 Storm - Hallelujah

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