Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Boys Radio - March 31 2022

March 31st, 2022

Sgt. Scag - Spotless and Sponsored

The Dogmatics - Drop That Needle

The Mochines - Catch Me

The Beatersband - My Mother Plays Rock N Roll

Eat Your Own Head - Bullets

Anti-Patriots - Who Am I?

The Crash Mats - Soppy Love Song

Screeching Weasel - Crying Shame

Porn Grenade - Troll On Blues

Our Souls - Cough Ya Life Up

Numbskull Freakshow - Strip Mall

Kindly SHUT UP! - Drunken Disaster 

No Murder No Moustache - Hold My Beer

Lawmaker - Flatline

Al Pacino's Sister - Hugs Not Drugs (Do These Need To Be Mutually Exclusive?) // Not That Punk



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