Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Boys Radio - June 18 2020

June 18th, 2020

Los Coronas & Arizona Baby - Too Drunk To Fuck (Dead Kennedys)

Turbovid-19 - Lori Meyers (NOFX)

Jughead's Revenge - Pain

The Feelgood McLouds - Drink To All My Friends


Hive - Palm Reader

The Malakas - Pawnshop

Spam Javelin - Crack Whores Of Betws Garmon

Decades of Delusion - Death Or Glory

The Naked Citizens - Time Flies Bye

Off The Wall - Rotting Away

The Hangups - Stupid World

Turbovid-19 - 2 Dollars Hospital

The LJ's - Bad Policeman

Beecher - On Her Tummy

Poison Politix - Dirty Needles

First In Line - Love For All


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