Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Boys Radio - April 21 2022

April 21st, 2022

 Bazooka Sharkz - Million Dollar Man
 Local Trouts - Unlimited Babies
 Hummer - Whisky Eyes
 Cato Street Conspiracy - Got No Money
 The Dogmatics - She's The One
 The Dick Dastardly's - All My Friends
 Rats As Big As Dogs - Deetrskin Girl Son
 The Good Time Aussie Bogalars - Drug Ingester
 Conflict Resolution - Time
 The Creepoids - Illuminati
 Apollo 66 - Swinging For The Moon
 Crashed Out - The Jarrow Song
 Janet Gardner - Rise Up
 Minimal Damage - Writers Block
 Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon - Will The Fetus Be Aborted
 M.I.A. - Just A Dream//The Freeze - Shoot And Burn



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 All music belongs to the credited artists.

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