Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Podcasting Collective

Not The Sick Boys Show

May 5th, 2022

 Not The Sick Boys Show
 The Scoffs - In Cold Blood
 The Blistered Minds - Click Whore
 Bankrupt - Come Back Joe Strummer
 Camp Marshy - Black Soul, Whits Shoes And A Leather Jacket
 Crashed Out - They Call Me Jack
 Pale Lips - Some Sort Of Rock N' Roll
 Das Kapitans - Shark
 Hinny - Major Butkis
 Syncromental - I Wanna Fall In Love
 Performed In Sensible Shoes - I Don't Miss You At All
 Love Hearts - Guess Who
 The Battery Farm - Excellent Public Speaker
 The Outfit - Elo Kiddies 
 The Fish Mittens - Dirty Harry
 Plastic Tears - Dark Passenger
 Suburban Dynamite - Challenge
 Steel Bridges - Already Gone
 Good Luck, Ugly! - Good-Bye
 Kaleiders - Alright
 Kavanagh - Citizen 202
 Lawmaker - Working Poor
 Left Hand Black - 28 Days Later
 Motosega - Preteen Pretentious 

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