Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Podcasting Collective

Dar’s Picks - So Who Won?

November 4th, 2020

  Dar's Picks
  So Who Won?
  A Commoners Revolt - The Unfortunate Survival Of Herry Clay Frick
  Rampin Cats - Howl At The Moon
  KrispeaK - Scary Times Spooky Moments
  Steel Bridges - Last Horizon
  Vulpynes - Control Is Not What I Need
  Mirage Wave - Supreme Summer
  Dick Dastardly - Watch Me Go
  Mud City Manglers - Better Off Dead
  The Influence - FUCK! Water
  God Mode - Misunderstood
  Big Motor Gasoline - Dirty Politician
  The Blisterd Minds - Not Welcome
  Smokin' Sam Babin Tautology
  Paul Maged - Cult 45

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