Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Podcasting Collective

Dar’s Picks - Twits & Twitter

April 29th, 2022

Dar's Picks
 Twits & Twitter
 Local Trouts - Unlimited Items, Unlimited Objects
 Media Whores - Do You Think Im Lying
 Brad Marino - Looking For Trouble
 Totally Gnarly - Surf Commies Must Die
 Suicide Puppets - Still Bleeding
 Crashed Out - Still A Fighter
 Beyond The Grey - Men Of War
 The Amber Bugs - Means Motive Opportunity
 Orlando Furioso HC - Mar-A-Lago Uber Alles
 Cato Street Conspiracy - Listen To Me
 The Painted Dogs - Kill Train
 Bella - I Dont Care
 Big Motor Gasoline - Dirty Politician
 The Baby Breaks - Daylight Saver
 Plastic Tears - Communication
 Running From Daylight - Coffin For Two
 The Chromosomes - Coat Of Many Colors
 Battle Royale - Beatdown Broke And Drunk
 The CheeseBergens - Speed
 Anti Kings - Trauma
 Bingo Fighter - Hobbits
 Camp Marshy - Baby (Are You Ready For Some Fun)
 Cardinal Birds - Summer Nights

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