Sick Podcasting Collective

Sick Podcasting Collective

Dar‘s Picks - Time To Get Jolley

December 7th, 2021

Dar's Picks
 Time To Get Jolly
 FreeDumb - Vil Du
 Teen Cobra - Christina
 Black Sheep Riot - Ready To Blow
 Dirt Byrds - Addiction 
 Das Kapitans - Piss Stain Or Shit Nugget
 The Dry Heaves - Cheers
 The Whinning Pussys - Facebook Is An Asshole
 Punky Ruckus - Give A Toss
 Devil Electric - Take The Edge Off
 The Painted Dogs - Be My Baby
 The Chromosomes - GoalKeeper
 Mud City Manglers - Give Me The Hammer
 The Bloody Muffs - Meat Raffle
 Mark Murphy And The Meds - Susie's Gonna Try
 Dead Star Talk - Giant Child
 The Rouse - More Than Blood
 Eskay Eh - Netflix And Chill
 Coach Bombay - Slam Poetry
 Darky Dark And The Junkie Bunch - All Power To The Shit Machine
 Mad Mulligans - Hatebreeders
 Orphan Riot - Against The Grain
 The Pulsebeats - She Sings Like Joey Ramone
 Snide - Idiot Nation

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